Case Study: Blockbuster® Movie Guide View as a PDF

Client: Blockbuster® Entertainment Inc.

OPPORTUNITY: Expand brand awareness and cement Blockbuster® as the industry leader in movie rentals by attracting customers from competitors and increasing revenue per customer.

CHALLENGE: When new, competing movie rental companies first began encroaching on Blockbuster's® customer base, the company needed to aggressively defend the brand as the industry leader and draw customers from competitors. Blockbuster® also wanted to encourage multiple rentals per customer to increase customer revenue per store visit.

APPROACH: PLG created a comprehensive print, CD Rom, and online movie guide with over 20,000 entries listed by various categories and indexes. The Guide also included reviews, ratings, and movie facts. The online version of the Guide was updated on a monthly basis. The publication established a purchase incentive program and contest including a free video rental coupon.

RESULTS: Over 3.1 million copies of the Guide were distributed through bookstores, Blockbuster® retail outlets, and through CD Roms. With an impressive coupon response rate, the Blockbuster® Entertainment Guide expanded Blockbuster's® customer base and revenue per visit increased. Brand visibility was substantially widened across the U.S., Europe, and South America.

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